Nov/Dec 2013



Escape from LA 

Paolo Soleri’s New Urbanism in the Desert, an interview

Paolo Soleri’s eyes sparkled from under bushy eyebrows, deep-set in a grizzled face; they projected intelligence tinged with a spark of irony. When I met…Read More 

Desert Shindig 

Shenanigans at Shangrila

Like its Himalayan literary counterpart, Joshua Tree’s Shangrila is a utopian vision; part dream, part tourist destination. Concretely, it’s a one-bedroom residence on Shangrila Lane,… Read More 

Dong Hoon Jun 

Humor in the non-ironic desert

I often feel the need to escape the insincerity of Los Angeles for the non-ironic nature of the desert. Hollywood’s slapstick tradition seems to have… Read More