July/Aug 2017



netherlands celestial vault at stroom 1996 James Turrell 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2017</ns>

The Netherlands 

Viewing Contemporary Art in Serene surroundings

Holland has an illustrious past and rich history in art, from golden age painters Rembrandt and Vermeer through modernist legends van Gogh, Mondrian and the… Read More 

cornejo MintenHuancaPunoMoca002 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2017</ns>

Conceptual Museum: Cesar Cornejo 

Constructing Spaces for Art in the Peruvian Andes

Cesar Cornejo sees artists as outsiders. They confront things that other people won’t—or can’t—see, the Peruvian-born artist told me in an interview in May, three… Read More 

greenfield lg003ChinaRich2005 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2017</ns>

Living Larger: Lauren Greenfield 

“Generation Wealth” at Annenberg Space for Photography

In the earliest days of his unlikely, unfortunate campaign for president, billionaire Donald Trump declared in 2015: “Sadly, the American dream is dead,” adding special… Read More