Written and Illustrated by Carol Wood and Susan Butcher


Here's some sordid truths about Art: Picasso was a sexist street bully who beat up on Georges Braque to claim the world 'champeenship' title of Cubism; Duchamp was really the notorious toilet bandit, R. Mutt; Pollock's paintings were really done by an uncredited, drug crazed giant squid; Magritte was a failed scientist and terrorist who resorted to art; Lichtenstein owes about USD$750m in royalties to every comics artist who drew before 1960; Miro was responsible for the epidemic of abstract prints that overtook home furnishings since the mid-1950s. This book collects the Dead or Alive strips that ran in Artillery between 2006 and 2015, including several never before seen strips, with an introductory comic by Bruce Mutard.

64 pages, Full Colour, Softcover.