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Online Exhibition: RED!

Wow! I can’t believe how many of you responded to the call for entries for RED! Thank you! It wasn’t easy narrowing it down, but I have chosen 15 images to share with you. Entries from women out-numbered those from ...
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Netflix’s “Medici: Masters of Florence” and a Book That Gives You the Real Scoop

This week’s Image of the Week is by Los Angeles based artist Susan Sironi. Click here to learn more about her and her amazing work. Susan Sironi, untilted, 2017, paper signatures from vintage book, thread, 9” x 36” x 10” ...
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Short Takes: Another Mystery Involving a Russian Ambassador; Renaissance Geometry; Tim Hawkinson & More

I’m happy to introduce a new feature to the blog called Image of the Week. This week’s image is by Minoru Ohira, a Los Angeles based artist who has won some of Japan’s highest honors for his woodworking. Click here to visit his ...
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Skip Snow’s “Virtual Reality Trump” and a Call for Entries

I’m still receiving submissions of political art even though the deadline for the exhibition has passed. One in particular, however, I want to share with you – not because it is political, but because it addresses some of the questions ...
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Online Exhibition: Politically Inspired Art: Part 2

Thanks to everyone who submitted work for Politically Inspired Art: Part 2. I received three times the number of submissions as I did for Part 1! Topics ranged from homelessness to guns, immigration, women’s rights, the environment, and of course, ...
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Politically Inspired Art: Call for Entries Extended

Last week’s online political art exhibition was a hit! (Click here to see the exhibition.) However, I failed to put a deadline on the call for entries and I’m still getting submissions. So we’re going to do Part 2 next ...
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Online Exhibition: Politically Inspired Art

Welcome to the blog’s first curated online exhibition! The call for entries was for work that had been inspired by recent politics. I’ve selected 12 from the many responses I received. They represent a variety of media and include work ...
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Survey Results and A Call For Entries

Thanks to everyone who responded to last week’s survey about how politics is affecting you. According to the survey, a whole lot of us — 84% — are running around with our hair on fire! SurveyMonkey generates a word cloud ...
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A Survey About How Politics is Affecting You and a Beautiful Book to Take Your Mind Off It

I want to thank everyone who wrote supporting my political tirade after the inauguration (if you missed it, click here). There were also a few who weren’t so supportive and demanded to be removed from my mailing list. If you’ve ...
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My Brain on Trump

I finally made my first visit to LA’s Broad museum this week. Even though it opened in September, I waited until I could easily get free tickets online rather than standing in a long line in front of the museum. Who ...
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