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Pick of the Week

  • Kelly McLane

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    So often is the label Surrealism tacked onto fantasy art that, in descriptions of contemporary work, it’s become practically synonymous with utopian scenes or lowbrow. Kelly McLane‘s loose dystopic pictures are the opposite of such reductionistic definitions; yet she appears among the best contemporary heirs to the Surrealist movement. Unfolding like bad dreams, her free-flowing paintings excavate society’s sordid depths, discharging pain and havoc from our collective subconsciousness. The artist terms our turbulent society’s ills “cultural dementia.” Her current show at DENK, ecofeministically titled “Peckerwoods,” illustrates this diagnosis via scenes of nature and quotidian life gone awry. Here, McLane employs her signature washed-out passages blending drawing and painting, beauty and grotesqueness; but since her last solo show several years ago, she has expanded her repertoire. New techniques including ligneous scarification enhance her pictures’ incisive urgency. In Deerberry Season (pictured above; all works 2017), a giant grinning rubber duck balefully looms behind a buck whose towering, sanguine antlers contradict his gangly fawn-like physique. The artificial toy appears to be herding the animal towards the edge of a cliff. Symbolizing natural destruction, the deer’s lacerate outline is partially carved into the panel. Overt carnage in Big Bird’s Got A Gun, Birds Born Blind and several drawings piercingly evokes notorious slews of recent violence. It’s been too long since a McLane show. Those who don’t know her work should; and those who do will be impressed by its development.


    DENK Gallery
    749 E. Temple St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Show runs through Nov. 22

Recent Articles

  • Latin Nights

    film 600x380 ****New Front pageHalf the population of Los Angeles is now Latino, but its signature industry, the film business, fails to include a significant number of Latinos in feature films or deal with… Read more…

  • Beyond Escapism

    Ortiz Torres 01 600x380 ****New Front pageApocryphal notions, like northern superiority and European “discovery” of land already populated, pervade the Western Hemisphere. Even before Thomas More’s 1516 book Utopia, our so-named New World has been a… Read more…

  • Richard Turner: Air Becomes Breath

    Turner 1 feature 600x380 ****New Front pageWhat do we have when those closest and dearest to us pass away and what do we do with the things that were once theirs? Richard Turner's installation Air Becomes… Read more…

  • Karen Finley at REDCAT

    photo courtesy of Carolina Restepo at La Mama Experimental Theater Club. ****New Front pageKaren Finley’s The Expanded Unicorn Gratitude Mystery unfolds similarly to a dream that makes complete logical sense when experiencing it, but is difficult to piece together the linear structure upon… Read more…

  • The 57th Venice Biennale: Old with the New

    charlesAtlas2 600x380 ****New Front pageI have had the opportunity to visit the Venice Biennale on numerous occasions. In reflecting, I realize that what makes one trip stand out over another is the totality of… Read more…

  • Sandra de la Loza’s bookish, spirited activism

    02spacecholaposter 750x380 1504799273 ****New Front pageIn Sandra de la Loza’s art, research—what she calls “the archive”—is central to her process. Treating archival material as mutable; she relies on it to expand narratives about history. She… Read more…

  • Ana Serrano Shifts her Latino Neighborhoods

    salonofbeauty1 600x380 ****New Front pageAna Serrano’s colorful cardboard sculptures of cityscapes and buildings, inspired by Latin American vernacular architecture, will be featured prominently this fall in two PST: LA/LA exhibitions. “The US-Mexico Border: Place,… Read more…

  • Guadalajara artist Jose Dávila moves around LA

    JD 17 10 Sense of Place 600x380 ****New Front pageWhen I heard the title of Jose Dávila’s recent book, Daylight Found Me with No Answer, it sounded familiar. During the years I was living in Guadalajara, I frequently talked… Read more…

  • The courageous photography of Laura Aguilar

    Laura Aguilar Nature Self Portraits 10 1996 ****New Front pageEvery morning I wake up and see At Home with the Nortes (1990). In this black-and-white photograph, a family sits in the living room watching television. This could be construed… Read more…

  • PST: LA/LA Artillery Recommendations

    Un Enano en el Jardin 600x380 ****New Front pageEven more than its predecessor, the first Getty Pacific Standard Time initiative that ignited Los Angeles’ arterati six years ago, PST: LA/LA conjures a kind of Aleph-like quality in its… Read more…

Last Night

  • Art, Ice & Lies

    anna bagirov 300x169 ****New Front pageArtillery celebrated its November/December issue launch party on the Ace Hotel rooftop bar last Friday. The joint was jumpin’ with… Read more…

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