photo by Santiago Felipe

photo by Santiago Felipe


Untitled Miami Beach; Björk DJs in Miami

About yesterday: I want to start with the end, and then work my way back, because art-world darling Björk is womanhood goals AF. Fifty-two years young and still dressing like an alien super-human creature, and it ain’t nothing but the truth. Last night, I met some friends for drinks in Wynwood and then headed over to the first evening of III Points’ art week concert series to experience her set. That really was the most conceptual DJ set I’ve ever witnessed. She began with jungle noises., then transitioned between world music, distorted vocals and trap several times throughout the night. She kept the bass up so high, my organs rattled within my body. It was SPIRITUAL.

That’s enough fan-girling. For now.

Most major fairs won’t have their openings until today or tomorrow; Untitled Miami Beach had their VIP/Press preview yesterday. Their tent is on the beach, and yesterday evening was my first visit ever. After you check in and go through security, you’re greeted by an installation by Carlos Cruz Diez, titled “Chroma”, presented by Savannah College of Art and Design. As a color-theory nerd, I found his work thrilling. Love it.

deFINE ART 2017 Carlos Cruz Diez Chroma KW 01 BR 600x261 THE MIAMI REPORT: DAY 2

Carlos Cruz-Diez, “Chroma,” 2017. Image courtesy of the Savannah College of Art and Design.


Another highlight is New York-based Yancey Richardson Gallery’s exhibition. All of the artists are black. Bold move! Not something you typically see, black people of varying perspectives “allowed” to exist in close proximity. Not in pop culture, not in fashion and not in the fine art world. My high school friend Ashley was my companion for the evening, and this photograph by Mickelene Thomas literally arrested her in her tracks.

LRM EXPORT 20171206 101841 600x450 THE MIAMI REPORT: DAY 2

Mickalene Thomas, Tell Me What You’re Thinking, 2016. Chromogenic print, image: 39 3/4 inches x 49 1/2 inches, frame: 44 x 54 inches.


Another must-see, in my humble opinion, is a collection of video art by Dana Ruttenberg and Oren Shkedy, presented by Chelouche Gallery in town from Tel Aviv, Israel.

The moving silhouettes are striking—if you’re into video art and animation, I recommend spending some time in front of these screens. I found myself trying to reverse-engineer their workflows and processes from choreography to technical production, for the purposes of figuring out how they made these videos that are so reminiscent of animation.

Untitled Miami Beach is definitely a “go.” Next on my itinerary, I’ve got Aqua, an interview with LA-based artist Jamie Felton, and probably a party to crash.