TAG Gallery: Katie Crown, Deborah Decker, & Joan Wynn

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

5458 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90036

Katie Crown – Watercolors

Katie Crown’s newest exhibition at TAG Gallery features abstract watercolors focusing on the convergence of shape, form, and color. Though the works were completed in 2017, many pieces were based on watercolors Crown painted in the 1970s and 1980s, updated and adorned with geometric and chromatic patterns. To this end, Crown views this renewed expedition into her past as a journey into an artistic diary.

Watercolors started as landscapes but evolved into non-objective, abstract, and geometric forms. Compositionally, arcs and triangles are mainstays of this work while Crown utilizes airbrush techniques as well as expressive, saturated color to bring a sense of texture and grit to the works, engrossing the viewer in each piece’s own geometric universe.

Deborah Decker – Under the Radar

TAG Gallery is proud to present a body of work from artist Debra Decker entitled Under the Rader. This body of work utilizes the figure in conjunction with the artists’ interest in socio-political matters as they relate to the human condition. To this end, the work explores various facets of the human condition, memory, and external determinants that influence both. Decker’s work propagated out of her interest in the study of empathy and the hardships which are all to frequently magnified and exacerbated by economic, social and political realities.

Under The Radar is based in the memory and day-to-day reality of the students who live in Inglewood, California, under the flight path of the Los Angeles International Airport. This work endeavors to blur the boundaries of ‘the other’ who is perceived as being different in some fundamental way. The other is a false illusion of hyper-reality created by differences between and within social classes, or a community within a society, a family, a high school clique or a neighborhood gang.

Decker invites the viewer to meet these students: their full body portraits hang in an installation type setting, while jetliners from the Los Angeles International Airports relentless and noxious presence fly constantly over their heads.

Joan Wynn – Alive

In Alive, a solo exhibition of new work by Joan Wynn, her sculpture captures what living—being Alive—is about. Her work focuses on both the individual human form and the situations individuals encounter. Wynn’s sculptures embody the joys, longings, and challenges of life that are universal as well as those reflecting the lives of particular people and their potential futures. This new body of work includes sculptures of welded steel, Wynn’s original medium, as well as works in materials including bronze, glass, crystal and resin.

As art critic Betty Ann Brown wrote: ”Wynn’s work continues and extends the psychologically invested, existentially charged dialogue initiated by Giacometti and continued in the work of David Smith and Louise Bourgeois. This California artist is in very good company.”

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