Synaesthesia Playground

SP Image 1 Synaesthesia Playground
Thursday, March 2, 2017
7:30 pm

445 Charles E Young Drive East, Los Angeles CA 90095

This concert sold out at its NYC premiere! Synaesthesia Playground is a classical concert experience for the 21st century masses. Young Steinway Artist and Assistant Professor of Performance Studies Jocelyn Ho brings together a world-class team of musicians, computer scientists, visual artists, and fashion designers to create an immersive and interactive concert experience. Featuring six newly commissioned multimedia works for piano, we gamify classical music through the audience’s own mobile phones and wearable tech.
You will participate in music making with your own mobile phones like a game; your mobile phones become art-worthy makeshift musical instruments where you get to interact with the pianist on stage, and with each other. The visual effects of Synaesthesia Playground will be nothing less than spectacular. Visual artist Nobuho Nagasawa and Hul Arnold create a performance attire made of optical fibres that pulsate and change color to the performer’s heartbeat, breathing, perspiration, and movements. In stark contrast, multimedia artist Takafumi Ide and Celeste Oram create video projections onto the body of the piano, reimagining the piano as a living organism with a “skin.” The pianist’s interiority vs. the piano’s exteriority—this dichotomy will change audience perception of the very nature of music making.
The collaborators for Synaesthesia Playground hail from the world’s most renowned institutions, including: Jocelyn Ho, artistic director, composer, pianist Daniel Weymouth, composer Sidney Boquiren, composer Andrew Batt-Rawden, composer Celeste Oram, composer and multimedia artist Anne Sophie Andersen, composer Nobuho Nagasawa, visual artist Takafumi Ide, visual artist Bopha Hul and Troy Arnold, fashion designers Drew and Al Petersen, software engineers Pierre Depaz, software engineer Ben Finchley, software engineer Roy Shilkrot, computer scientist Official Partners: HUL ARNOLD SpectrumNYC Proudly sponsored by: FAHSS and Office of the Vice President for Research at Stony Brook University.
A short concert talk with Jocelyn Ho and Nina Eidsheim, author of Sensing Sound:

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