See/Saw Launch Party

Final Layout Cover SMALL See/Saw Launch Party
Saturday, April 8, 2017
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

1231 9th Avenue, San Francisco CA 94122

Come celebrate the release of See/Saw with a night of readings and libations.

See/Saw is a new literary magazine produced by San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) graduate students, launched by five founding collaborators: Guramrit Kaur, Teddi Meislahn, Desiree Rios, Chu Wang, and Aaron Wilder. Each collaborator provided 1 photograph and 1 piece of writing that another collaborator responded to with the opposite form (responding to photography with writing and responding to writing with photography). All collaborators worked to launch a new graduate publication using their skills, experience, and passion to create a sustainable, ongoing, and flexible platform for open expression and collective dialogue.

The project significantly benefitted from the expertise of its two mentors: Asuka Ohsawa and Whitney Lynn. These two mentors provided invaluable insight on how to effectively collaborate artistically and on all aspects of creating a successful publication.

The five magazine founders view the See/Saw model of interpretation, inspiration, and artistic response as truly collaborative and an exciting way to start something at SFAI with a potential future legacy that could evolve over time as different collaborators leave their mark on the publication for years to come.

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