Promotional Clutter Opening Reception

Saturday, April 15, 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

801 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133

Come check out the 9 artists showing work in the inaugural exhibition of the SFAI Curatorial Program.

Advertising language and baseless claims can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. We are constantly bombarded with promotional clutter seeking to convince us to buy products, services, ideas, lifestyles, and fantasies. From the idealization of glamorous luxury peddled by Hollywood to the alternative reality of populist politicians, contemporary culture has become an endless stream of overlapping product life cycles. When everything is seemingly for sale, where is the value of cultural intangibles such as critical thinking, free expression, and the exchange of ideas? This exhibition presents a critical look at the origins of the insatiable consumption and marketing centricity of contemporary culture. By exhibiting work expressing a fresh artistic perspective on the traditional advertising techniques embodied in movie posters, campaign slogans, and sales pitches, this exhibition seeks to deconstruct the colonial market segmentation of society.

Special thanks is owed to Galen Crawford and Lex Calip of the SFAI Student Affairs Office as well as Andy England, Owner of Real Old Paper Gallery, and Aaron Lane of Paradox Media.

This exhibition is curated by Aaron Wilder and features the work by the following artists:
– Max Blue
– Eric Carson: ​​
– Melissa Carter:
– Nicholas Cienfuegos:
– David Dugoncevic:
– Joanna Ruckman:
– Chu Wang:
– Alexis Zachhuber
– Zeus Zou

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