Peggy Gyulai paints live at Kohl Mansion with Morgenstern Trio

PeggyGyulaiandSFCOpanorightview JeremySutton2015 Peggy Gyulai paints live at Kohl Mansion with Morgenstern Trio
Sunday, November 12, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

2750 Adeline Drive, Burlingame CA 94010

Music at Kohl Mansion is pleased to announce this season’s featured visual artist, Peggy Gyulai. There will be four exciting opportunities to see Gyulai’s expressive, music-inspired landscape paintings. On the occasion of November 12, Gyulai will paint live with the dynamic Morgenstern Trio, treating the audience to a truly unique evening at the intersection of music and painting. All concerts are held Sundays at 7 PM. To purchase tickets, please visit the Music at Kohl Mansion concert series schedule.

As a painter, Peggy Gyulai seeks to capture the emotional essence and lyrical architecture of a composition, which she calls “the art of painting music.” Whether listening in her studio or performing live with musicians and orchestras, Gyulai interprets elements of music on canvas using broad, luscious brushstrokes intermingled with high energy splashes of paint. Her large-format artworks reflect the elusive convergence of sight and sound, transforming classical and jazz masterworks into breathtaking visual art. Gyulai, a student of both disciplines, intently searches the music for its depth of feeling, using specific techniques developed over her 25 years of practice. The resulting artworks are translations of the emotion, light and passion of musical performance.

For the artist’s special live painting experience with the Morgenstern Trio, the musicians will perform Ravel’s “Trio in A minor” as Gyulai paints her interpretation. In anticipation of the event, Gyulai describes what the audience can expect:

Maurice Ravel’s masterwork from 1914 was written just as WWI began. It is an astonishing journey through every possible emotion in music. At one moment it is thunderously romantic, at the next soft shades of shifting colors and, suddenly, a waltz! Then, a mysteriously dark and liminal world appears, including a descent to the very lowest notes on the piano keyboard. In preparation for this performance, I will study the history and structure of the music, sketching out ideas in my studio while listening to the Morgenstern Trio’s recording. During the live concert, I will paint alongside the musicians, adding nuances and elements so the audience can see the creative relationship between sound and vision.

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