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September-October 2017

Dear Reader, This new Fall art season takes off with a bang in Southern California, as the Getty’s second installment of Pacific Standard Time (PST)... Read More

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Sandra de la Loza’s bookish, spirited activism

Ghosts of the Archive

In Sandra de la Loza’s art, research—what she calls “the archive”—is central to her process. Treating archival material as mutable; she relies on it to... Read More

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Ana Serrano Shifts her Latino Neighborhoods

Barrios de Cartón

Ana Serrano’s colorful cardboard sculptures of cityscapes and buildings, inspired by Latin American vernacular architecture, will be featured prominently this fall in two PST: LA/LA... Read More

JD 17 10 Sense of Place 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Guadalajara artist Jose Dávila moves around LA

Hollywood Squares

When I heard the title of Jose Dávila’s recent book, Daylight Found Me with No Answer, it sounded familiar. During the years I was living... Read More

Laura Aguilar Nature Self Portraits 10 1996 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

The courageous photography of Laura Aguilar

Natural Beauty

Every morning I wake up and see At Home with the Nortes (1990). In this black-and-white photograph, a family sits in the living room watching... Read More

Un Enano en el Jardin 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

PST: LA/LA Artillery Recommendations

Latin America in LA: Getty Crush Spawns Exhibition Explosion

Even more than its predecessor, the first Getty Pacific Standard Time initiative that ignited Los Angeles’ arterati six years ago, PST: LA/LA conjures a kind... Read More

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Galerías en LA/LA

Participating Los Angeles Area Gallery LIstings Recommendations.

Mid-Wilshire 1301PE Jorge Mendez Blake 0/9–10/21/17 Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles David Lamelas: “Time as Activity” 9/7–10/21/17 The Loft at Liz’s “South of the... Read More

Valdez Black Queen edition Print 50 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>


Patssi Valdez

“Before I went to the U.K. I had already decided to make a dress called Queen to honor the journey.” In the wake of LACMA’s... Read More

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All in the Family

In the past two years two art museums endowed by Los Angeles billionaires have opened. Eli Broad opened The Broad museum in 2015 and the... Read More

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“Penises: 1850–2017”

“Regrettably, the provocative nature of your content is likely unsuitable for our audience at this time.” It may shock you to discover that artists still... Read More

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Visual Music 1947–1986 from the CVM Archive

Avant-garde artistic movements have a funny way of morphing into the mainstream—witness the fridge-magnet ubiquity of Impressionist paintings, or the integral role of appropriated samples... Read More

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Diego Rivera (1886–1957)

Diego Rivera’s murals are a tale—no, a single impression—of the epic journey of a country. It is chopped up into events, into battles, and years... Read More

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East Meets Western

With all of the recent hysteria about immigration, it seemed like a good time to explore the original American immigrants. There is quite a rich... Read More

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Ask Babs

Etiquette for Artful Living

I GET NO KICK FROM CHAMPAGNE Dear Babs, Recently I was invited to a private art preview and cocktail party, co-hosted by a prestigious Los... Read More

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PST; New Art Press; Wine & Moses; Comings & Goings

PST & NEW ART PRESS OK, Stalwarts, here comes… ARTMAGEDDON 3! That is, Pacific Standard Time LA/LA, with some 70 arts organizations participating, plus about... Read More

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Waitress in El Coyote restaurant, Los Angeles, 2010.

Read More

COMIX Balsz cropped 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

DEAD OR ALIVE: Danny Balsz

Pacific Shock Tales

Read More

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Lourdes I. Ramos

Dr. Lourdes I. Ramos was recently appointed as President and CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art in May. Previously, she served as Executive... Read More

Jim Shaw Wig Museum 20 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Jim Shaw

Blum & Poe; Marciano Art Foundation

In his short video Tales from the Wig Museum (2017), on view at Blum & Poe gallery, Jim Shaw appropriates the style of the opening... Read More

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Edgar Arceneaux

Susanne Vielmetter

There are a number of emotional responses to walking through a graveyard: firstly, satisfaction that one is walking at all and not an insensate resident;... Read More

datura 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Naida Osline

Riverside Art Museum

Culled from five different series of Naida Osline’s photographic work since 2007, “Florescence” examines an arc of her practice that is focused on taxonomies of... Read More

20170628 HW McCarthy 108 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Paul McCarthy

Hauser & Wirth LA

Roughly four years ago, Paul McCarthy opened the sprawling installation “WS” at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, platforming (and rupturing) the domestic fantasy... Read More

DSC 0022 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Constance Mallinson

Jason Vass

Generally, rubbish is quickly dispatched and secreted from public consciousness—or at least ignored. Constance Mallinson, however, revels in discards’ improbable pulchritude while questioning society’s prodigious... Read More

1. Peter Alexander Beverly Hills 1990 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Peter Alexander & Jan Maarten Voskuil

Peter Blake Gallery

Peter Alexander’s true subject has always been light—both in his earlier, luminescent cast-resin sculptures, which he abandoned for several decades for health reasons, and in... Read More

MC 15 2017 60 x 45 in ii 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Meg Cranston

Meliksetian Briggs

Monet’s haystacks, Baldessari’s discs, Warhol’s everything—there are a number of artists who have worked in series specifically plotted as “the same picture in different colors”... Read More

Gas Mask BJ17 3 A 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Ben Jackel

L.A. Louver

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Permanent Collection of Arms and Armor is one of the most encyclopedic in the world. Not only does it house... Read More

Perpetual Climber CF61 2017 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Christian Maychack

Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco

In Kafka’s “The Cares of a Family Man,” we meet a small, strange creature lurking on the narrator’s stairway and in his foyer. No animal,... Read More

EVH Mahjouba3 Web 600 150x150 <ns>Contents SEPT 2017</ns>

Nirveda Alleck and Eric Van Hove

Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York

Curated by Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, and inspired by Anthony Kwame Appiah’s Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers (2006), the loosely Africa-centric, two-artist exhibition at... Read More

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September-October 2017; Issue 1, Volume 12

  Ana Serrano, Chalino, 2008, cardboard, 72 x 25 x 14″, photo by Julie Klima; See Annabel Osberg’s profile on Serrano, as part of our... Read More

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