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SEPT/OCT 2016 


Tulsa portrait rough 150x150


September/October 2016

Dear Readers  It’s our birthday! We’re 10 years old this September. I’ve been writing this letter for 10 years—it’s almost unbelievable to me. A decade is… Read More 

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Best Bars and Bites During and After the Openings

10 Things to Talk About at Openings

10 Unconventional Art Spaces

Top Female Gallery Directors in LA

10 Classic LA Artists’ Haunts

Top 10 Billboard Tags

Top 10 LA Street Artists

Top Artsy Travel Destinations

Free Museums in LA

Best Places to Escape the LA Art World

Worst Shows of the Last 10 Years

Top 10 Weird, Unusual Los Angeles Spaces

Top 10 Art-Opening Fashion Cliches

Top 10 Orange County Galleries

Top 10 Very Mature Artists in Southern California

Night Gallery opening 2016 150x150

Grappling with Globalism 

Connecting and Collecting in the Webbed World

The downtown Los Angeles arts district has been evolving, somewhat in tandem with adjacent downtown districts, since at least the 1980s. There was a stabilizing… Read More 

Kenneth Tam Install 150x150

LABOR OF LOVE: Made in L.A. 

Investing in Made in L.A. at the Hammer

With its third installment at the Hammer Museum, “Made in L.A.” has settled into its brand as a well-researched survey of current trends and practices… Read More 

Sherman571 150x150

“As a Woman of this Culture” 

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life at The Broad

Like Robert Mapplethorpe, who has had exhibitions at two LA museums this spring—the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art—Cindy… Read More 

LA River Lewis 8499 150x150

The LA River Comes of Age 

Strange Attractor

So much about the Los Angeles River is not immediately obvious. That it’s a river at all, for example, still comes as a surprise to… Read More 

Monsters with Marnie 2 150x150

The Battle of Forevermore 

Teenage Alienation in a world of Gothic Exaggeration

The Day of Forevermore, Marnie Weber’s first feature film, is the culmination of the artist’s long career as a weaver of macabre and otherworldly scenarios… Read More 

Cathedral of our lady w bishop 150x150

TOP TEN LISTS By Leanna Robinson 

Unconventional Spaces; Best Bars; Best Bites; 10 Conversation Startes

Top Ten Unconventional Art Spaces1.    KingswellThis skate shop in Los Feliz has had some surprisingly good art shows—most recently by the LA-based illustrator, Bonethrower. 2.  …Read More 

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A Little Less Snobby

I became a Los Angeles artist about the same time Artillery became a Los Angeles art magazine. This 10-year anniversary issue naturally makes everybody wonder… Read More 

Picasso 150x150


Freeport Shenanigans: Secret, Secure, Unseen

The greatest collection of art in the world may not be at the Met or the Louvre any longer. The secret vaults of the wealthiest… Read More 

X at The Whiskey 150x150


In Search of X-tasy

Does anyone remember the Paragons and the Jesters? In high falsetto voices they whined about the ache of first love way before I ever felt… Read More 

beth dewoody1 150x150


Collector Beth Rudin DeWoody

Native New Yorker Beth Rudin DeWoody may be one of the most energetic collectors in the world, with a collection that includes about 10,000 works,… Read More 

BV10 150x150


Look At This!

This is a golden age for people who like to watch movies at home. Films considered obscure or lost are turning up on YouTube, in… Read More 

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Art Basel; Current LA; Photo LA; Unions for Adjuncts

ART BASEL IS BIGThe Big Mama of Art FairsArt Basel is big, very big. The main event is on two levels of a circularly designed… Read More 

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comix 10years cropped 150x150

Amelia Clipart 

I Saw the Figure 10 in Gold

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BB9 Christopher Kulendran Thomas 09 150x150

The Ninth Berlin Biennale 

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Curated by the New York-based art and fashion magazine collective DIS, The Ninth Berlin Biennale: “The Present in Drag” (or BB9), attempts to examine a… Read More 

SJ16 White Flowers and Bones 150x150

Joseph Stashkevetch 

Von Lintel Gallery

Joseph Stashkevetch is a consummate craftsman, his work suspended effortlessly between drawing and photography. In his recent show at Von Lintel Gallery, the addition of… Read More 

Solmi The Ballroom installation 1b 2016 hi res 150x150

Federico Solmi 

Luis De Jesus Gallery

Federico Solmi’s “The Brotherhood” offers a dystopian nightmare-scape where the cult of celebrity overwhelms one’s every sense. The pseudo-cliché of the beautiful versus the profane… Read More 

DarzacqLuneman DOUBLEMIX 52 150x150

Denis Darzacq, Anna Lüneman 

De Soto Gallery

Activities are often pierced by interludes that have little to do with them. One’s reading, for instance, may be interrupted by thoughts, noise, a graphic… Read More 

The living room h 150x150

Barry Anderson, Timothy Paul Myers, Andrew Barnes 

Walter Maciel Gallery

Constructed spaces, both virtual and actual, link the works of Barry Anderson and Timothy Paul Myers (in collaboration with Andrew Barnes). In the front galleries,… Read More 


Nancy Evans 

Jason Vass Gallery

Curated by critic Michael Duncan, this 15-year survey consisting of 40 mixed media works, paintings, textiles and sculptures was evocatively entitled “Tree. Lingam. Void.” The… Read More 

DeannaThompson Interior 1 150x150

Deanna Thompson 

Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery

The vast, empty expanses of the southern California landscape, whether desert vistas or sprawling webs of highways, have long fascinated artists. John Divola photographed a… Read More 

JaH16016 1 150x150

Jane Hugentober 

Harmony Murphy Gallery

With work that has a firm footing in the traditions of the fiber arts, Jane Hugentober builds the case for a powerful conceptual dimension within… Read More 

Bussieres Caverne II 40x30 HR 150x150

Lauren Marsolier, Rachelle Bussières 

Robert Koch Gallery

The endless deluge of photographs from digital cameras—one trillion photos were taken in 2015—seems to have made everyone in the online world both a photographer… Read More 

2016 08 03 01h01 29 150x150

Shana Moulton 

Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

There is a taut psychological oscillation throughout “Journeys Out of the Body,” Shana Moulton’s current solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg…. Read More