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NOV/DEC 2016 



Jeffrey Vallance

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November-December 2016

Dear Readers  It’s our Miami issue, meaning this issue goes to Miami. It really doesn’t have anything to do with Miami or the fairs. But it... Read More

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Marc Horowitz

More Than Just Clowning Around

Marc Horowitz has shifted in the past few years from his early work, bridging performance, social practice, entertainment and social media, into the more traditional... Read More

Laurie Fendrich Little Towns 2016 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Laurie Fendrich

"Thinking About Art"

If you are familiar with Laurie Fendrich’s work, you know that the artist is a New York–based painter of vibrant geometric abstractions that strike a... Read More

Guy Richards Smit on set redface 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Guy Richards Smit

Contemplating Comedy and Painting Onstage

How do we put this?  A Guy’s gotta paint!  And the Guy who’s gotta paint has clearly gotta be obsessed about it!  And maybe a... Read More

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Lauren Halsey

Neighborhood Funk

When I first saw Lauren Halsey’s work-in-progress during her residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem, I was stupefied. The installation was genuinely a new... Read More

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FIELD REPORT: Springfield, Missouri

Matthew Mazzotta's Cloud House

The grassy plains of southern Missouri came into view as the plane prepared to land in Springfield, a small city on the edge of the... Read More

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Rocío Aranda-Alvarado

Curator’s Approach to Race and the Body as a Political Site

I recently interviewed curator Rocío Aranda-Alvarado of New York’s El Museo del Barrio at the opening of Site Santa Fe’s current biennial, “Much Wider Than... Read More

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Interview with Sarah Russin

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, located right in the middle of the Walk of Fame, isn’t just a rare example of a nonprofit contemporary art space... Read More

Doug Aitken electric earth 1 2 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Doug Aiken: Looking In

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

 I have seen Doug Aitken’s video work Electric Earth many times over the last 15 years, but seeing it recently at his sprawling new retrospective... Read More

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What's Making What Noise

Installation artist and drone improviser Gabie Strong has been a playa in the surprisingly vigorous Los Angeles experimental music community for some time, with her... Read More

macbeth review 20160915 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>


Can't Stop the Evil

Macbeth is the story of a villain who people understand and have pity for—when the story is told correctly. Both Macbeth and his wife have... Read More

BV magic christian 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

BUNKER VISION: The Magic Christian

Are You a Bored Billionaire?

You’re sitting at an art fair (on what you hope is a chair) while your spouse has another look around. They handed you a magazine... Read More

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Etiquette for Artful Living

SOLD! (NOT!)Dear Babs, In my art practice, I gravitate toward using ephemeral media and creating installations. Sometimes my work deals with “difficult” subject matter. Do... Read More

Christopher Reynolds 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>


Now Be Here; Hospital Pop-Up; Gallery Moves

POP-UPS WORTH YOUR WHILE Hospital Happening and a TraphouseKudos to art consultant John Wolf for throwing together one of the most ambitious and giddy art ... Read More

Carrie Yury selfie 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

733 LA Women in the Here and Now

First Person

When Kim Schoenstadt first asked me if I would photograph “Now Be Here LA 2016”—the historic group photograph of hundreds of LA-based women artists that... Read More

SkyLadderJune 2015CourtesyofCai StudioR 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

FILM: Sky Ladder

The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

It is now official: awe is an essential human emotion. Yes, awe—a sense of wonder at something that is greater or beyond any single individual.... Read More


Tim Hawkinson

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Master of the Metaphysic Arts

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Gerard OBrien web 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>


Gerard O'Brien

Gerard O’Brien founded The Landing a year ago and is the owner of Reform Gallery in Los Angeles, a store that quickly became a leading... Read More

Doug Aitken Diamond Sea still1997 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Looking At Doug Aitken

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Exiting Electric Earth, Doug Aitken’s immersive, multichannel narrative installation first presented in 1999 and immediately confronting Twilight (2016), an eerie, translucent ghost-like freestanding replica of... Read More

gettin it done 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Henry Taylor

Blum & Poe Gallery

Henry Taylor has described his figurative painting, which is not infrequently straight portraiture, as landscape; and to press the point, he has taken the further... Read More

Sam Falls Gravity 2016 1 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Sam Falls

Hannah Hoffman Gallery

Visual affinities extend throughout Sam Falls’ solo exhibition at Hannah Hoffman, suggesting relationships between natural phenomena and man-made objects, while also developing a thematic unity... Read More

ando spectrum aura 36 x 36 inches dye on aluminum 2016 miya ando 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Miya Ando

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

A descendent of samurai-era Bizen sword makers, Miya Ando was first introduced to metalworking as a child while living in a Japanese Buddhist Temple. In... Read More

danke merci 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Analia Saban

Mixografia Gallery

Through her show, “Paper or Plastic?”, at the innovative Mixografia studio, Analia Saban breathes new life into plastic grocery bags while highlighting their vapidity as... Read More

CB 14 Untitled 162 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Carina Brandes

Team (bungalow) Gallery

The black-and-white photographs of Carina Brandes, which capture her ritualistically enigmatic performances for a self-timed camera, suffer a paradoxical fate: they’re modestly powerful images grounded... Read More

Agenticity 1 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Colette Robbins

101/Exhibit Gallery

Standing erect on pedestals, Colette Robbins’ seven skeletal sculptures twist and bend like limbs, frown and gape like skulls, and yet they are clearly not... Read More

ALoftonMill80 catalog 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Karla Klarins

California State University Northridge Art Gallerys

For over 35 years Karla Klarins has painted the built landscape, now presented in a survey exhibition entitled “Subdividing the Landscape.” In the early 1980s... Read More

Barnette Untitled FBI Enclosed Material 2016 aerosol paint on laser print 30x22 inches detail 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Sadie Barnette

Jenkins Johnson Gallery

While earlier exhibitions used horse racing as a point of departure and a metaphor, perhaps, for the handicapping aspect of the art world, “FROM HERE,”... Read More

Carolee Schneeman Eye Body 5 150x150 <ns>Contents NOV 2016</ns>

Coming to Power: 25 Years of Sexually X-Plicit Art by Women

Maccarone Gallery

In Ellen Cantor’s restaging of Coming to Power: 25 Years of Sexually X-Plicit Art by Women, the landmark show that she originally curated in 1993... Read More

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November/December 2016; Issue 2, Volume 11

Marc Horowitz, photo by Stefan Simchowitz, 2015. Marc is featured and interviewed by Christopher Michno. Read More

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