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MAY/JUNE 2017 


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May-June 2017

Dear Readers, When I heard that Chris Kraus’ feminist cult book, I Love Dick, was being made into a TV series, I couldn’t actually believe... Read More

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Chris Kraus: She Loved Dick

Feminist Classic I Love Dick Reaches the Small Screen

“Get off Bonnie Brae!” Chris Kraus shouts from the car speakerphone when I resort to calling her for directions. I’m lost in MacArthur Park, a... Read More

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Culture Clash

Militants, Artists Fail to Connect in Boyle Heights

Can art hurt people? In mid-February, I sat in Boyle Heights’ El Tepeyac café across from a revolutionary named A. and probed him with questions... Read More

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Jason Rhoades at Hauser & Wirth

At Home in the Neon Jungle

by Tulsa Kinney
It’s true what they say. You can’t go home again—even if home is a neon jungle. Even if you’ve remade that neon jungle into your... Read More

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Luring Millennials into Museums

Shazam for Paintings

It used to be about the art. It used to be that seeing (and being told to step back from) a Picasso was enough. But,... Read More

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Infinite Epiphany: Yayoi Kusama

Connecting The Dots And Auras

“Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors” at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC, is an ambitious show by any stretch of the imagination, boasting... Read More

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Fabulous Tales

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Injecting one or more inane Star Wars puns into a discussion of George Lucas’ proposed museum would be de rigueur; but I’ll abstain. It is... Read More

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Please Move Over George W. Bush

The art world is in a genteel panic—reliable work isn’t selling, galleries are moving and closing, Andrea Rosen has said she’ll no longer represent living... Read More

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Mike Kelley Foundation; Art Palm Springs; Burden: The Doc

Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts Eight recipients have just been named by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts to receive their Artist Project... Read More

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Water Bottle as Contemporary Artifact

Jami Porter Lara at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Jami Porter Lara stumbled upon both the subject and the medium of her current exhibition “Border Crossing” at the National Museum of Women in the... Read More

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Ivanka Dearest

President Trump’s proposed plan for a $54 billion increase in the defense budget would be paid for by drastically cutting many agency budgets, including the... Read More

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Less Art Accountant

The He-Man Action Movie Appreciation Society meets regularly to interrogate promising high-budget mainstream shoot-’em-ups in the context for which they were designed—big, loud movie theaters.... Read More

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Norman Rockwell (1894–1978)

Yes sir, every Saturday, the Post magazine would come to our door and I would squeal silently with delight because on the cover was yet... Read More

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The Mainstream Gaze

One of the best ways to gauge how the mainstream views artists is by looking at the movies. Before people associated artists with money, artists... Read More

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Kenny Scharf

  “Home exterior decorating tips: What to do with excess plastic toy trash!”           Read More

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LA Art Book Fair at MOCA

Read More

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Cardboard Abstractions

Ann Weber: Sculpture

Most customers at Trader Joe’s have food on their minds. Not Ann Weber. While others grab favorite items off the shelves, the intrepid artist heads... Read More

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DEAD OR ALIVE: William Hogarth

Come Up and See My Etchings

Read More

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Pam and Steve Nagler

In the 1980s, Pam and Steve Nagler founded the performance ensemble Shrimps, which toured nationally and performed locally at venues like LACE. Over the years... Read More

Romero Arrest of the Palateros High Res 150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>

DREAMLAND: A Frank Romero Retro

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach

Chicano art is at once a unified cultural expression and an ever-changing record of social and geographic situation. But regional inflections invariably emerge—and, certainly in... Read More

Andy Moses. The Deep 150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>

Andy Moses

Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery

The origins of Color Field—one of the more intriguing forms of contemporary abstract painting—seem to lie in 19th-century Romanticism, particularly in a few radically reductive... Read More

LA CAndCouncil EHill  Installation view2 150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>

EJ Hill

Commonwealth & Council

Emblazoned in cursive neon light, the affirming phrase “we deserve to see ourselves elevated, as well as grounded” guides EJ Hill’s installation of objects and... Read More

Natural Chaos Saint Helena 150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>


DENK Gallery

Arne Quinze’s jubilantly comely show, “Jungle Cities,” propounds fundamental questions about the problematic relationship between culture and nature. These questions align with the artist’s generally... Read More

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UCI Beall

Given the current political climate, one in which President Donald Trump in February withdrew Federal guidelines allowing transgender students to use restrooms matching their chosen... Read More

LA YoungProj thompson and craighead apocalypse perf  150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>

Thomson & Craighead

Young Projects

Wake Me Up When It’s Over is a compelling and timely installation featuring selected works from 1998–2016 by the London-based duo Thomson & Craighead. Jon... Read More

BOULDERS 2 JOSHUA Tree 150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>

Peter Zaleski

LA Artcore

Long dedicated to an elegant abstraction reliant on repeated forms and broken, almost prismatic, visual fields, all rendered in limpid colors, Peter Zaleski has recently... Read More

SF Johannson  Bats Out of Hell Matt Kleberg 150x150 <ns>Contents MAY 2017</ns>


Johansson Projects, Oakland

“Knock-Kneed and Bow-Legged,” on view at Oakland’s Johansson Projects, stakes out territory in a harsh but brilliant realm where contradiction is the order of the... Read More

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