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MAY/JUNE 2016 


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Editor’s Letter

May/June 2016

Dear Readers    We are bringing back a popular theme—photography. As a regular Artillery contributor, I guest-edited a photo issue four years ago. Since then, Artillery... Read More

audrey wollen feature 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Audrey Wollen’s Feminist Instagram World

Sad Song

One of Los Angeles–based artist Audrey Wollen’s Instagram posts features an undated 1890s painting in which a nude woman reclines, examining herself in a mirror... Read More

TG Bamboo Royals 2014 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Todd Gray’s Framing of Identity

Black Be Nimble

“I’ve been going the wrong way for a long time … it’s sort of a reverse commute.” This is said by Todd Gray at the... Read More

Aspen Turning 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

The Science of Seeing

The Aura of Kirlian Photography

Two hundred years ago, the hierarchy of subjects taught to academic painters placed history and mythology at the top, with landscape and still life at... Read More

Karapetian 2011 AccessorytoProtest GreenSneakers 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

The Analog Revolution

Shock of the Old

The first to grow up in an image-centric world where the mass-dissemination of images via film, print and television started to infiltrate American culture on... Read More

Elkins Zak cropped 2010 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Amy Elkins’ Male Protagonists


Inside American prisons, thousands of men sequestered in tiny, dim rooms spend their lives waiting to die. Outside, this marginal population is hardly considered, except... Read More

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Lost At Sea

MoMA’s Ocean of Images

As soon as I entered the recent exhibition “Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015” at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), things took a... Read More

OBE ScreenShot2 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Deep Dreams

Photography’s Shape-Shifting, High-Tech Identity

Jeremy Couillard says that the pleasure of working with virtual reality (VR) is that he can move away from “a deceitful world I deeply wish... Read More

Ken Gonzales Day 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


Guest Lecture

1    Unknown, Bust of Kakaley, Isabelle, Salomon Islands (MNHN-HA-872), National Museum of Natural History, Paris2    Emile-André Leroy, Young Haitian, Museum of the 30s, Boulogne-Billancourt.3    Unknown,... Read More

ZAK for column 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>



Self-portraits have been around forever and photos have been around longer than anyone now living. But selfies, I am going to argue, are their own... Read More

Mason GlassCeiling sml BM  150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


The Naked City Sexual Politics, West Hollywood Style

The City of West Hollywood is well known as one of the most liberal cities in America, so it’s more than a little ironic that... Read More

Reconnoiter croppped 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


Dhyandra Lawson

Dhyandra Lawson is a curatorial assistant in the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). ARTILLERY: Please describe your... Read More

ask babs art 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

ASK BABS: Etiquette for Artful Living

Is it a gallery or a museum? It's all so confusing!

BIGGER IS BETTERDear Babs, I went to the inaugural opening of Hauser Wirth & Schimmel here in Los Angeles. Seeing the sheer magnitude of the... Read More

Mapplethorpe LisaLyon new 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


Robert Mapplethorpe (1946–89)

Unlike Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s fascination with his models—whom he painted obsessively, much to the detriment of his painting—Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs of Lisa Lyon show no... Read More

JENNI SORKIN PHOTO LEO CABAL PHOTOGRAPHY 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


Interview with Jenni Sorkin; New CAAM Director; PST; Orange Blossoms

LIVELY UP LA ARTS DISTRICT INTERVIEW WITH  JENNI SORKINHauser Wirth & Schimmel launched with a bang on Sunday, March 13, opening its doors in a... Read More

Beltra greenland 2664 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


Brave New World: Changing Circumstances

The world of contemporary popular culture has largely left the biosphere behind, for a world of limitless extraterrestrial space. It is not so different from... Read More

BV action painter hi res 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


The Astonishing Worlds of Kahn & Selesnick

One of my favorite photo monographs by Kahn & Selesnick is an accordion-folded book that stretches out to 19 feet when it is fully unfurled.... Read More

sights PhotoParis resized 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>


Paris Photo L.A., Paramount Studios, In Memoriam, 2013–15.

by Tulsa Kinney
Read More

PoolPartyJitters 20x16 oil on canvas 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Virginia Broersma

The Lodge / Los Angeles

Virginia Broersma’s exploitation of wet-on-wet painting is not simply self-indulgent, it is lavish, extravagant, and delirious, amplifying what is already a relatively excessive technique into... Read More

large chris killip 06 youth on a wall jarrow tyneside 1976 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Chris Killip

Yossi Milo Gallery / New York City

From 1973 to 1985, Chris Killip lived among and photographed working-class and underclass communities in the north of England whose livelihoods depended on traditional heavy... Read More

©Sant Khalsa Pray for Rain Detail 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Sant Khalsa

The Boone Family Art Gallery at Pasadena City College

Sant Khalsa isn’t reticent about her artistic influences. In artist statements, she points to the photographs of Walker Evans, Ed Ruscha, and the Bechers as... Read More

DRFA AFowler Blessings On Blessings Jellys Little Girl 2015 Mixed media 48 x 40 x 6 1 2 inches 1 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Aaron Fowler

Diane Rosenstein / Los Angeles

Every surface, each object of Aaron Fowler’s thirteen assemblage paintings in “Blessings On Blessings,” has been contemplated, touched and worked to build layers of meaning... Read More

Panthalassa Still 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Christopher Richmond

Moskowitz Bayse / Los Angeles

Christopher Richmond’s “Double Fantasy,” a pairing of his videos Panthalassa (2015) and Rendezvous (2016) in his solo debut at Moskowitz Bayse, like much video work,... Read More

27. Confederate Flag Reconfigured 2015 acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 inches 1 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Linda Arreola

Vincent Price Art Museum / East Los Angeles

Linda Arreola’s debut as an artist was as a sculptor and installation artist. She’s also an architect; and her show, “Architect of the Abstract,” a... Read More

Burbujas 2016. 300dpi 1 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Aimée García

Couturier Gallery / Los Angeles

Like many Cuban artists, Aimée García has learned how to avoid censorship while still communicating her message and ideas. In García’s current body of work... Read More

DSC 0365 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Kim Abeles

PØST / Los Angeles

Kim Abeles’ aptly named “Portraits and Autobiographies,” which explores the boundaries between photographer and subject with intimate self-portraits and sculptures, features silver print photographs produced... Read More

Campbell Miss April 1971 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Rebecca Campbell and Samantha Fields

University Art Museum, CSU / Long Beach

In this two-person exhibition of paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and writing, Rebecca Campbell and Samantha Fields mine their own personal histories, passing them through the... Read More

Moth install 8x10 150x150 <ns>Contents May 2016</ns>

Owen Kydd

Casemore Kirkeby Gallery / San Francisco

With multimedia and hybrid disciplines on the rise, photographers, and artists who incorporate photographic materials and techniques into their work, continue to find ways to... Read More

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