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March-April 2017

Dear Readers In our last issue, which came out in January, I wrote about Trump becoming our president and the effect this potentially disastrous turn... Read More

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The Many Shades of Kerry James Marshall

"Mastry" at MOCA

It’s cold. He looks even larger in his winter coat. He is a large man. Tall and broad-shouldered. In football, he might be a tight... Read More

Cardenas ALTA 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

We Don’t Need No Stinking Wall

Mexican Artists Answer Trump

If there is anybody more unpopular in Mexico at the moment than President Enrique Peña Nieto, it is, of course, Donald J. Trump. After a... Read More

Ana Teresa Fernandez Borrando la Frontera 2 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Ana Teresa Fernandez Paints it Away

Border Dissolve

Five years ago, San Francisco–based painter, sculptor and performance artist Ana Teresa Fernández woke from a long night’s sleep with a sudden inspiration: She would... Read More

AHC FEATURE Soffer 02 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Women on the Verge of a Cultural Breakthrough

Collective Hysteria

Kim Abeles’ studio doesn’t have enough chairs, so we have to sit in the adjacent gallery space at the front entrance of the building. Even... Read More

nan goldin diving for pearls 34 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Nan Goldin: Diving for Pearls

Nan Goldin, to borrow a phrase from her friend and fellow-artist David Wojnarowicz, has always lived and worked “close to the knives.” Her most recent... Read More

Water P.O.S performs photo by Zoe Prinds Flash 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

The Water Bar is Open

Pouring H2O in the service of enlightenment

A lot has changed over the last two years in the world of water. The high level of lead found in children living in Flint,... Read More

Guest Lecture SS cropped 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Susan Silton

  LOOK FOR SPECIAL EDITION POSTCARDS BY SUSAN SILTON INSIDE OUR MARCH/APRIL 2017 ISSUE Susan Silton, Delivery Systems, 2017 A special edition for Artillery consisting... Read More

alice neel nazi 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Whatever You Were Doing, It Didn’t Work

If you ever said fine art was a political act, you were wrong. Consciousness-raising—as art’s broad project, as an abstraction somehow implied in the diversions... Read More

Ms Saffaa1 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Do Two Wrongs Make an Alt-Right?

Melbourne street artist Ms Saffaa painted and wheat-postered a wall with a Muslim feminist protest mural. The collage of Saudi artists and activists shared the... Read More

Van Gogh The Bedroom 1889 Art Institute small 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Vincent van Gogh's Bedroom

When I first saw a reproduction of The Bedroom I thought, Oh my God, this guy has so few clothes. Later I altered my assessment... Read More

BV Debord 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


We Have a Situation

Trying to actually define The Situationists is a slippery business. The more people who weigh in on what they were about, the more confusing it... Read More

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Etiquette for Artful Living

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO Dear Babs, I’m thinking about leaving the U.S. and moving to Berlin because this country is about to... Read More

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Has Your Art Done Enough?

A friend of mine spent election night serving drinks at a bar in Highland Park. During the day she worked in her studio—she was preparing... Read More

LaraJoReganCMYK trump head cropped 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Women's March LA

Read More

Yves Klein ph 5134 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Yves Klein: In/Out Studio

Yves Klein is having a moment. If one goes to the news section of the Yves Klein Archives, one will notice that there has recently... Read More

comix Goya300 cropped 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


DEAD OR ALIVE: Goya's Diary

Read More

6. Neel Cost 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Karen Graffeo/Jim Neel

Huntsville Museum of Art

“We are children of our landscape [which] dictates behavior and even thought,” writes Lawrence Durrell. It goes without saying, therefore, that a baneful “landscape”—defined in... Read More

Danielle Brazell DCA Photo 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>


Danielle Brazell

Danielle Brazell is the general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2014. Today the DCA has... Read More

HOUSE 2017 The Ridge North Gallery view F 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Thomas Houseago

Gagosian Gallery

The first and most physically imposing work in Thomas Houseago’s exhibition, “The Ridge,” on view at Gagosian Gallery, is Open Wall (Beautiful Wall) (2016). According... Read More

Laura Forman 1 copy 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Laura Forman

Sloan Projects

Laura Forman’s debut solo show at Sloan Projects—a rather small collection of six new artworks that differ clearly from each other—induces curiosity and offers a... Read More

Dopp Capriccio 16 8984 c 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Egan Frantz / Michael Dopp

Roberts & Tilton Gallery

Egan Frantz’s show, “The Oat Paintings,” provides a possible opening into a discussion of the nature of political art: how we distinguish it from among... Read More

RL House Under Construction 01 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Rachel Lachowicz

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

For Rachel Lachowicz, lipstick—the actual infused-wax substance—has long functioned not simply as a gimmick, or brand, or even social signifier, but as a kind of... Read More

Help yourself 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Orkideh Torabi

Yes, Please & Thank You Gallery

In Orkideh Torabi’s caricatures of silly men, comedy and poignancy stealthily overcome the unsuspecting viewer. Midway through this exhibition, one is liable to titter aloud... Read More

FF Mulleady Installationview Greenman 1 2  150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Jill Mulleady

Freedman Fitzpatrick Gallery

Jill Mulleady’s new paintings offer an experience akin to tumbling down a rabbit hole into a mad and decadent party orchestrated by the Surrealists (is... Read More

C redwood untitled 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Nathan Redwood

Jaus Gallery

Unexpected Portrait (2016) is a large-scale acrylic-on-canvas painting where a long tube-shaped orange line with dark edges glides across the work defining a cartoon-like head... Read More

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Lauren DiCioccio

Jack Fischer Gallery

If Lauren DiCioccio’s chosen materials of fabric, thread and found objects at first appear playful and lighthearted, a closer look reveals the disturbing little works... Read More

Smith IN7357 KindOfBlue2 2016 71x48 3000px 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Paul Anthony Smith

ZieherSmith Gallery

Paul Anthony Smith’s third solo exhibition at ZieherSmith represents an ultimately fruitful distillation, apparently in both the methods of his practice, and subsequently in the... Read More

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March-April 2017; Issue 4, Volume 11

Painting by Mauricio Cárdenas, Make America White Again, 2017, acrylic on canvas, included in the Guadalajara, Mexico, exhibition, “Fuck The Wall,” which is a featured... Read More

Tony Conrad Completely in the Present still06 150x150 <ns>Contents MAR 2017</ns>

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

Tony Conrad is one of the unlikeliest figures to be the subject of the kind of late-career historical recontextualization that authenticity-starved hipster youth have made... Read More

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