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Tectonic Shift at Nevada Museum of Art

Exhibition "Unsettled" Reorients to “Greater West”

Perhaps the best way to think about “Unsettled,” the ambitious fall exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art, is from a planetary perspective. As a... Read More

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July-August 2017

Dear Reader, “Write what you know”: this famous advice from fellow Missourian Mark Twain has always resonated with me. I apply it to my writing... Read More

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The Netherlands

Viewing Contemporary Art in Serene surroundings

Holland has an illustrious past and rich history in art, from golden age painters Rembrandt and Vermeer through modernist legends van Gogh, Mondrian and the... Read More

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Conceptual Museum: Cesar Cornejo

Constructing Spaces for Art in the Peruvian Andes

Cesar Cornejo sees artists as outsiders. They confront things that other people won’t—or can’t—see, the Peruvian-born artist told me in an interview in May, three... Read More

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South of the Border Down Tijuana Way

24-Hour Arty People

Tijuana’s most famous contribution to art is the painting of zonkeys: combining donkeys with zebras so the pale Equus would stand out in black-and-white photographs.... Read More

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Off the Beaten Path in Barcelona

Going Underground On The Fly

I landed in Barcelona a little sweaty, slightly hung over, and very much lost. Much to my surprise, the discount tickets I purchased for $350... Read More

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Living Larger: Lauren Greenfield

"Generation Wealth" at Annenberg Space for Photography

In the earliest days of his unlikely, unfortunate campaign for president, billionaire Donald Trump declared in 2015: “Sadly, the American dream is dead,” adding special... Read More

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Summer of Love Redux

Taking the Acid Test at de Young

When I moved to San Francisco to begin college nearly a decade ago, the refrain from Scott McKenzie’s 1967 hippie anthem “San Francisco” rang through... Read More

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Reykjavík in LA

Sights and Sounds of Iceland Infuse Disney Hall

The Reykjavík Festival at Walt Disney Concert Hall presents an opportunity to experience a site-specific installation by Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir and a film by... Read More

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A New Graphic Novel and Candle-Making

Gary Panter wears many hats—visionary punk cartoonist, Emmy-award winning designer for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, psychedelic lightshow revivalist, cutting-edge graphic designer, experimental musician, candlestick maker. Having dazzled... Read More

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2017 California-Pacific Triennial

Orange County Museum of Art / Newport Beach, CA

“Building As Ever,” the 2017 California-Pacific Triennial at the Orange County Museum of Art, investigates the economic, political and social forces that affect the built... Read More

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Guest Lecture: Lynda Burdick

Dog Days of Summer

Lynda Burdick is Artillery’s staff photographer. On her frequent visits to art openings, she often encounters dogs as well as gallerygoers. Rosamund Felsen of the... Read More

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A New Law That’s Bad for the Art Business

Sometimes legislation in Sacramento is rushed through with unintended consequences, an unfortunate example being a newly expanded law posing problems for art dealers. This 2016... Read More

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Planning a Day of Art in New York

Let me be honest with you, New York, I can start a Wednesday all about a museum visit on Friday but by Thursday evening the... Read More

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Lessons from the Hermit Kingdom

Life happens fast. Yesterday’s dystopian fiction is today’s reality. American history now includes a woman in the 21st century being arrested and found guilty by... Read More

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Etiquette for Artful Living

I Love A Man in a Uniform Dear Babs, Why is it that with all the focus on hip, cutting-edge contemporary art displayed in modern... Read More

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FILM: Manifesto

A film by Julian Rosefeldt

The film Manifesto speaks in the voice of the 20th century, when manifestos meant something—a time when the latest artist or art movement stormed the... Read More

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Elena Shtromberg

Elena Shtromberg is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Utah. She is co-curator (with Glenn Phillips, curator and head of modern and... Read More

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Service workers at Regen Projects opening, Los Angeles, 2017

Read More

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by ,
Kick the Can by Maw Shein Win That utopian moment when the film begins & the sound spins, awash in honey & blood, saliva &... Read More

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Eileen Cowin

  It’s Too Hot Not to Cool Down, 2017           Read More

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Marciano Art Foundation; NEA Revisited; RIP ACME; Alpert Awards

NEW MUSEUM IN TOWN Welcome Marciano Art Foundation on Wilshire Boulevard! It’s the new museum that features the contemporary art collection of Paul and Maurice... Read More

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Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-88)

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1982 Untitled painting of a skull looks like a prison that can barely contain all the rage, anger and fierce memories that drive... Read More

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Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

California African American Museum / Los Angeles

The figures are in motion, contorted, double-jointedly bending over themselves—so confused with playing multiple roles that a single, consistent identity becomes, at best, elusive and... Read More

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Star Montana

The Main Museum / Los Angeles

In exquisite large-scale photographs, figures of hope, variously tinged with the pain of day-to-day reality, exude optimism, gazing upward and confidently looking straight at the... Read More

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Women of Abstract Expressionism

Palm Springs Museum of Art

Abstract Expressionist painting remains one of the most pivotal and enigmatic art movements of the 20th century. Its continued influence on current abstract painting can... Read More

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Chris Antemann

Crocker Art Museum / Sacramento, CA

The term forbidden fruit nowadays refers to mere guilty pleasures, but it once designated the fatal, tragic fruit of knowledge—knowledge of sex, or course, being... Read More

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Richard Deacon

San Diego Museum of Art

Forty-three works in an expansive range of media highlight Richard Deacon’s versatility in a broad yet uneven survey of the British sculptor’s art from 1979–2016... Read More

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July-August 2017; Issue 6, Volume 11

Teresa Solar Abboud, Untitled, 2017, detail photography from her “Ground Control” solo show at Galeria Joan Prats in Barcelona; part of our Summer Travel Issue... Read More

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DEAD OR ALIVE: Romare Bearden

Paste-Drivin' Man

Read More

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