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July/August 2016

Dear Readers   This is our summer issue, an issue that has become the one I’m not sure matters. It’s summer! Who cares about work? Who cares... Read More

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SFMOMA Gets an Art Recharge

And So Does San Francisco Art Scene

Shutting down a major museum for three years of expansion may seem like suicide, but the newly reborn San Francisco Museum of Modern Art proves... Read More

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Seismic Shifts on the SF Gallery Scene

DoReMi New Arts District

In San Francisco’s downtown gallery district, one building, 49 Geary Street, once held the greatest concentration of the best galleries—over 20 on five floors. With... Read More

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SF Art Gets Pumped More

Gagosian and Pace galleries

The new, the now, the influential SFMOMA is creating a bit of a ripple effect. I am happy to report that Art Market San Francisco,... Read More

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Down on the Farm with Martin Creed

Country Life

Hauser & Wirth have galleries in Zurich, London, New York and now Los Angeles, but in rural Somerset, England, Iwan and Manuela Wirth have created... Read More

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Nicole Eisenman’s Allegorical Possibilities

Stop Making Sense

By way of a smallish retrospective at the New Museum titled “Al-ugh-ories,” and a major exhibition of new paintings at Anton Kern Gallery “Magnificent Delusion,”... Read More

Cornelia Parker Alex Fradkin 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Barn with a Metropolitan View

Cornelia Parker's Skyline take on Hopper and Hitchcock

Could that structure perched uneasily on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art be from the set of a horror movie, or is it... Read More

HWS WILKE72439 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

The Feminine Nonfigurative

Modern Sculpture by Women at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

“Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculptures by Women, 1947–2016” inaugurates the sprawling new complex recently opened by Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in downtown Los Angeles’... Read More

Marclay Cigarettes 2016 1 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Astract Animation

Christian Marclay at Fraenkel Gallery

Street photography is one of the great genres of modernist photography, peaking at mid-century with the work of Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand, Helen Levitt and... Read More

Ace Desmonds Tower at 5514 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

No Chrismas at Ace

Storied LA Dealer Ousted from Longtime Gallery

Even as the commercial side of the LA art world appears to be reaching historic heights, one of the titans of the local scene has... Read More

Agnes Martin 16 7 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Op-Ed: Agnes Martin at LACMA

Why Mental Health and Sexuality Matter

Agnes Martin, the great Abstract Expressionist painter (1912–2004), believed in cosmic connection. She labored over her famous grid paintings almost her entire professional life, except... Read More

craft CAFAM May 2012 WEB 2 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Craft Revolution

Bringing Folk Art Back to the People

The Craft and Folk Art Museum—its unlikely frontage peering mischievously over Museum Row—has in the last few years come to the forefront of the LA... Read More

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Squeak Carnwath

A SIMPLE LIST1. It’s simple really,    to paint is to trust.    To believe in our instincts; to become.2. Painting is an investigation of being.3. It... Read More

decoder2016may 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>


Art & The Postmodern Work Ethic

I was wondering why everyone in LA always dresses and talks like they’re at work and stoned and then I remembered it’s because they probably... Read More

doug C Cummings3 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>


Mapping the Ruins

The mighty Atlas Press—London-based purveyors of “pataphysical texts,” Dada documents, Viennese Aktionist manifestos, and Oulipo anthologies—has reissued a legendary art book that uses a tabletop... Read More

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Bergamot; COLA Awards; Herb Alpert Fellowship

BERGAMOT STATIONFor Real… and it’s LouderLos Angeles adds to very necessary public transportation with seven additional stops on the Expo Line, with runs from downtown... Read More

BV American hippie 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>


Midnight in Tel Aviv

There was a recent article about the waning attendance at churches that featured a striking drop quote from a lad who went to a Catholic... Read More

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Aram Moshayedi

Aram Moshayedi is a curator at the Hammer Museum. He organized “Made in L.A. 2016” with Hamza Walker, Director of Education and Associate Curator, Renaissance... Read More

ask babs illo silo 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>


Etiquette for Artful Living

A DAY AT THE MUSEUMDear Babs, I would like to know if the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has turned into an elitist institution... Read More

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"Group Selfie in Chris Burden’s Urban Light, installation, Los Angles County Museum of Art, 2014."

Read More

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The Ebell Collection

Have you ever been in someone’s home and seen a painting in the living room or hallway that you have never forgotten? It is not... Read More

comix Vangogh 750 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Van Gogh

Ears to you!

Read More

00 herrick olga kisseleva santa barbara 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

“Beyond 2°”

Museum of Contemporary Art / Santa Barbara

The international group of artists in “Beyond 2°” question the multidimensional impact of natural resource exploitation, in distinct cases, in different global locations, and in... Read More

01 Marilyn Minter Coral Ridge Mom Smoking Extra Long copy 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Marilyn Minter

Orange County Museum of Art / Newport, CA

Marilyn Minter’s is an art of amplification. This befits a painter and sometime photographer who came of age in New York in the 1970s; her... Read More

02 cathrine fairbanks Luces Fireplace 10 2014 Luces Fireplace 12 2014 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Catherine Fairbanks

Wilding Cran Gallery / Los Angeles

Vestiges of the past can be found all over the West; dead and dying towns are replete with inklings of historic spirit in the forms... Read More

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Carmen Argote

Shulamit Nazarian Gallery / Los Angeles

Carmen Argote is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist who works directly in response to particular locations. Last year, she created a site- specific installation at... Read More

04 Georgopoulos MAMA 11 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

James Georgopoulos

MAMA Gallery / Los Angeles

With an observer’s detachment in the face of dire predictions of humanity’s demise from the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence (AI), in “The Earth... Read More

05 JosephHeidecker Soldier 2016 paperonvintagemirroredframe 16x11.75 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Joseph Heidecker

Craig Krull Gallery / Santa Monica

Joseph Heidecker’s collection of embroidered photographs at Craig Krull Gallery is a celebration of textile fauvism. The altered vintage photographs elicit a dissonant response, with... Read More

06 julie beaufils JB 123 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Julie Beaufils

Overduin & Co. / Los Angeles

Perhaps it is a bit cliché to read Julie Beaufils’ French nationality into her work, but there is certainly something undeniably chic, irreverent and casually... Read More

07 mag Peter Opheim no285 Untitled 65x55 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Peter Opheim

Zevitas Marcus Gallery / Los Angeles

In 2011, Peter Opheim abandoned abstraction and began sculpting small maquettes out of colored clay, which he’s continued to transform into monumental oil paintings that... Read More

08 JAr 6779 high res 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>

Julieta Aranda

James Fuentes Gallery / New York

The New York and Berlin-based artist and e-flux mainstay Julieta Aranda has long been concerned with the workings of the social arena through its medium... Read More

Eisenman ak11990 EIS AnotherGreenWorld 150x150 <ns>Contents JULY 2016</ns>


July/August 2016; Issue 6, Volume 10

Nicole Eisenman’s two New York shows are featured and reviewed by contributor Stephen Maine. Read More

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