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JAN/FEB 2016 


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David Bowie: Ashes to Ashes

Starman Waiting in the Sky

David Bowie released his envoi-like album, Blackstar, on his birthday, and so a lightness of being seems to shine through his final week on earth. His... Read More

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Editor’s Letter

January/February 2016

Dear Readers,Film and art just go together. If you’re into art, you’re most likely a film buff (and film snob), and if you’re into film,... Read More

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Art, Lies and Film Docs

David Hockney and Peggy Guggenheim

Not all films about artists and the art world are silly, but most of them are. To paraphrase a Mark Twain quote, “There are lies,... Read More

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Louis CK: Comedian cum Auteur

Comedic Filmmaker Knows his Darkness

In an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Louis CK takes Seinfeld out on his boat on the Hudson River. Looking across... Read More

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Kahlil Joseph

Filming His Way into the Art World

Seeming to arise from the video music world this past summer to land at MOCA, the path of “Kahlil Joseph: Double Conscience” may seem roundabout... Read More

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Staff Writer Ezrha Jean Black Picks the Top 10 Los Angeles Museum and Gallery Shows

We live in interesting times—possibly the end of time, or at least the end of history as humans have conceived it over the last few... Read More

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Inside a Pause: Adriana Salazar

Videos Reflect on Stillness in Motion

Octavio Paz wrote, “this hour has the shape of a pause.” Adriana Salazar’s videos situate us inside such a pause, places where we are in... Read More

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Rabyn Blake

The Element of Time and Flux Video Pioneer

In the late ‘70s, I would carry the Sony Portapak for my artist stepmother, Rabyn Blake, across muddy fields in Southern France as she filmed... Read More

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Land of Disenchantment: Rediscovering the pleasures of Trona

Ten years ago, when I learned of the existence of a film called Trona, shot in the desert hellhole of the same name, I feared... Read More

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Living at the End of the World

Re-enacting the Act of Killing

Anwar Congo is a stone-cold killer.He is also a petty gangster, a wealthy if somewhat eccentric paterfamilias, something of a dandy (never wear white to... Read More

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Frank Stella: A Retrospective
@Whitney Museum of American Art/New York City

To find a curatorial through-line for the wildly varied career of Frank Stella must be an enormous challenge. Hanging opposite the elevators on the new... Read More

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Laurie Anderson Produces the Body

Habeas Corpus at Park Avenue Armory

Laurie Anderson fairly disappeared in the gaping vastness of the darkened Park Avenue Armory. Standing, violin in hand, next to a Lincoln Memorial–sized plaster sculpture... Read More

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Vita Breva

In “Her Story” you watch a handful of video clips of a staged interrogation. You then have the option to type in searches for key... Read More

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The sculptures and videos in Same Rock are based on a “little Switzerland” in Appalachia, founded on the promise of its similarity to the Alps,... Read More

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BOOKS: Hold Still

A Memoir by Sally Mann

Part journey of self-discovery, part family history, part window into an artist’s oeuvre, Sally Mann’s memoir Hold Still is simply wonderful, sharing that same combination... Read More

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Animals with Humans in Elephant House

 With trunk tucked up compactly—the elephant’s signof defeat—he resisted, but is the child of reason now. His straight trunk seems to say: when what we... Read More

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Francis Bacon in Your Blood: A Memoir

According to his Wikipedia entry, this is Michael Peppiatt’s eighth book about Francis Bacon. If all of his Bacon books were packaged like a deluxe... Read More

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Keeping it Real

Last year I was invited to view a controversial painting that the owner claimed to be a genuine Rothko he bought at a small LA... Read More

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Pictures of Gone Worlds

Archiving cultural ephemera is a tricky business. Anyone who’s followed my writing for even a brief time will have encountered some kind of rant about... Read More

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The Longest Movie Ever

Long films aren’t new. As early as 1914, there was a film (The Photo-Drama of Creation) that ran eight hours. Wikipedia lists at least five... Read More

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Death Race 2000

The most famous Hollywood movie I appeared in was Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000, which was bizarre because coming from New York, I didn’t know... Read More

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Kathy Butterly

Shoshana Wayne / Los Angeles

Looking like contorted urns collapsing inward or twisting outward, the 16 new cup-sized works that comprise “The Weight of Color,” Kathy Butterly’s fifth show with... Read More

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Alia Malley

Sloan Projects / Los Angeles

In his essay “The Ontology of the Photographic Image,” film theorist André Bazin observed that image-making was “no longer a question of survival after death,... Read More

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Devin Troy Strother

Richard Heller Gallery / Los Angeles

The individual works in Devin Troy Strother’s 2010 solo debut were tiny spectacles, collages full of frolicking figures and bright shards of colored paper that... Read More

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Etiquette for Artful Living

ROCK AND ROLL IS FOR THE BIRDSDear Babs, What do you think about using live animals in an artwork? I recently went to a museum... Read More

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Marc Horowitz

Depart Foundation / Los Angeles

Humor is often a neglected muse in the production of fine art. Seldom is it thought of as a legitimate field of cultural inquiry or... Read More

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Maccarone Gallery; LA Art Fairs; Film Series at Hammer; Gallery Moves

DANGEROUS TERRITORYLOCAL HOMIES ANSWER MACCARONE GALLERYSometimes gentrification can backfire, especially if you crow about it too loudly. Last September New York gallerist Michele Maccarone told... Read More

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Photograph by Lara Jo Regan

Read More

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Kenton Parker

CES Gallery / Los Angeles

While it would not be incorrect to say that Kenton Parker’s work primarily deals with nature, it would be rather misleading. There are no polite... Read More

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With 40 expressive oils, Victor Hugo Zayas’ exhibition “The River Paintings,” responds to the ebb and flow of the Los Angeles River in its many... Read More

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Stephen Cohen

Stephen Cohen is the founder of photo l.a. and the Stephen Cohen Gallery, which is now the Cohen Gallery on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.... Read More

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Andy Fedak

Luckman Gallery / Los Angeles

Playfully assaulting the construct of the rational, coherent, autonomous individual in his solo exhibition “You Have Nothing To Worry About,” Andy Fedak’s new stereoscopic (3D)... Read More

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Ulrich Wulff

Tif Sigfrids / Los Angeles

A recognizable figure or persona, which may or may not stand in for the artist but, regardless, bears on his relationship to the world and... Read More

Little Blue Tree1 150x150 <ns>Contents January 2016</ns>

Josh Jefferson

Gallery 16 / San Francisco

Human beings are genetically programmed to respond positively to the face, no doubt a survival instinct, as babies bond with their nurturing parents. Perhaps not... Read More

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Laura Kimpton

Zener Schon Gallery / San Francisco

Every year explorers, wanderers and artists gather at “The Playa,” or, as it is more commonly known, Burning Man. They convene in the desert with... Read More

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Dorothy Cross

Frith Street Gallery / LONDON

The Irish artist Dorothy Cross’ explorations of the links between human activity and the natural world often possess great lyricism and poetic insight. Born in... Read More

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