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JAN/FEB 2017 


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January-February 2017

Dear Readers  Happy New Year! Last October I was invited to moderate a panel titled: “Is Art our Last Safe Place?” The general topic was whether... Read More

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Molly Jo Shea: Driven By Fear

Performances that Make you Laugh and Feel

Los Angeles performance artist Molly Jo Shea knows that you’ve got some genuine feelings, you’re just scared to reveal them. If you attend one of... Read More

Osceola Refetoff Desert Vista Cinco CA 2009 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Osceola Refetoff: A Room with a View

Fresh Eyes on the Desert

An austere flat horizon is blanketed by intensely blue sky and bracketed by the remnants of an orange window frame, its rectilinear quiet slyly evoking... Read More

Martinez IF YOU DRINK HEMLOCK 878512 PhotoRobertWedemeyerCourtesyofRobertsTilton 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>


LA's Top Ten Shows

“My name is called Disturbance,” as Mick Jagger sang in “Street Fighting Man,” and as 2016 careened into 2017, many of us wondered where exactly... Read More

Melanie Pullen PHONES 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Melanie Pullen: Pictures of Passion

The Photographer Talks About Insomnia, Ace Gallery and her Soda Pop Boys

Melanie Pullen invites me into her sunny apartment as she cleans up from a party the night before, “This is why I left New York!”... Read More

trump dumptrump cutout 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Taking a Trump

Political Caricature That Keeps you Regular

It’s worth considering why it’s so easy to caricature Donald Trump. He looks strange—with his fake tan, anus-like pout, signature comb-over—topped with a bright red,... Read More

Mel Chin @ LACMA facing SouthEast photo Amanda Wiles 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Mel Chin: Xeriscape LA

The Future of Water

Mel Chin’s latest public art project in Los Angeles, The Tie that Binds: MIRROR of the FUTURE, was initiated last summer during CURRENT: LA Water,... Read More

TrumpKissingPutin grab from YouTube 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>


The Urban Art of the Deal

In a post-truth world, what are the value of words? Intuition beats brags of sexual assault.  140-character tweets trump columns of The New York Times... Read More

Dave Tourje Soul Code 03 FINAL 300dpi 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Dave Tourje

Maverick Mindset at Work

The famous physicist Richard Feynman once said, “Men should study hard what interests them in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” Dave Tourje... Read More


Harry Gamboa Jr.

 Since 1933, the 6th Street Bridge stood as the iconic landmark that connected Boyle Heights to downtown Los Angeles. In 2015, the official proclamation of... Read More

radar HyperNormalisation 2016 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>



I first became aware of the remarkable documentarian Adam Curtis a few years ago, when I stumbled across The Century of the Self, a four-part... Read More

zak art 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>


Art Criticism So Passé

In the line to vote, a woman from Guatemala is very proud to be voting Hillary and a guy from Silver Lake is very proud... Read More

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Paradigm Shifters

“Scientists are saying that the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted.” So says Krysta Now in the underrated film... Read More

ask babs3 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>


Etiquette for Artful Living

HOW MANY TIMES? PAINTING IS NOT DEADDear Babs, I’ve been noticing more and more galleries focusing on figurative paintings. As a painter myself who has... Read More

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Santa Fe Art Colony; LA Louver; LA Art Fairs; Coachella Art Bienniel

HELP SAVE SANTA FE ART COLONYThe Santa Fe Art Colony Tenants—some 80 working artists —recently had a close call. Theirs is the only rent-restricted artists’... Read More


Art Fair Worker

Read More

COMIX cut 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

DEAD OR ALIVE: Jack T. Chick


Read More

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Carolyn Merino Mullin

Carolyn Merino Mullin is the Founder And Executive Director of The Animal Museum whose new space opened December 3rd in the heart of LA’s Downtown... Read More

jeffkoons.REX  150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>


Beauty is Not Truth; Now I Know All That

We talk about this art and that art, and then we either start seeing influences or start making them up. A popular one is the... Read More

Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior 1992 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Roy Lichtenstein

Skirball Cultural Center

The standard museum retrospective brims with artworks supported with biographical and thematic information. “Roy Lichtenstein: Pop for the People” brims with biographical and thematic information... Read More

loresmars18 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Vijat Mohindra

MaRS Gallery

Well known as a fashion photographer, Vijat Mohindra has made a career of photographing artsy spreads and celebrity fashion shoots for glossy magazines. He is... Read More

VanillaIce GenevieveGaignard ShulamitNazarian 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Genevieve Gaignard

California African American Museum

Although Genevieve Gaignard’s fair complexion and red hair enabled her to blend in with her white contemporaries while growing up in a Massachusetts’ mill town,... Read More

Erika Rothenberg Dont Go Alone 20160914  L6A8149 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Erika Rothenberg

Charlie James Gallery

Erika Rothenberg’s “House of Cards” is as timely now as it was when it was first shown in 1992. In our changing political climate, Rothenberg’s... Read More

Thomas Install 06 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Mickalene Thomas

MOCA Los Angeles

 In 2008, Michelle Obama commissioned Mickalene Thomas to paint her official portrait, the first portrait of a First Lady who is a person of color.... Read More

Miller Corner 2016 The Pit revised Hi 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Allison Miller

The Pit Gallery

 Allison Miller’s oeuvre is firmly and unequivocally rooted in the painting tradition, and yet is built upon a conviction, evident in her output over the... Read More

conner amovie 6 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Bruce Conner

Kohn Gallery

 In the darkened gallery, a single row of seats faces a large screen on which a series of images loop. These images run by in... Read More

Braun O Let Me Weep screenshot 1 2016 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

Teresa Braun

Catharine Clark Gallery

In this era of information overkill, one may absorb endless volumes, yet the impact of each tale remains a solitary and private event, each word... Read More

JH189 Useless Landscape No. 41 2016 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

James Hoff

Callicoon Fine Arts Gallery

 Even in December, the trees on Delancey Street have a coppery glow. It is not the glow of fall foliage, not on a Lower East... Read More

tom knechtel 1 150x150 <ns>Contents JAN 2017</ns>

ON OUR COVER: Tom Knechtel

January/February 2017

by Tulsa Kinney
Tom Knechtel is one of the top ten “best of Los Angeles” shows in 2016, selected by staff writer Ezrha Jean Black. Read More

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