Marc Horrowitz, Ding. The Elevator Opens, 2015, courtesy of Mark Horowitz studio and Depart Foundation.

Marc Horowitz

Depart Foundation / Los Angeles

Humor is often a neglected muse in the production of fine art. Seldom is it thought of as a legitimate field of cultural inquiry or…
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Kenton Parker, Anouk (Detail), 2015.

Kenton Parker

CES Gallery / Los Angeles

While it would not be incorrect to say that Kenton Parker’s work primarily deals with nature, it would be rather misleading. There are no polite…
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Victor Hugo Zayas, LA River 17, 2015, courtesy of the artist.



With 40 expressive oils, Victor Hugo Zayas’ exhibition “The River Paintings,” responds to the ebb and flow of the Los Angeles River in its many…
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Andy Fedak, Volumes and Daydreams, 2015.

Andy Fedak

Luckman Gallery / Los Angeles

Playfully assaulting the construct of the rational, coherent, autonomous individual in his solo exhibition “You Have Nothing To Worry About,” Andy Fedak’s new stereoscopic (3D)…
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Ulrich Wulff, Arriving On Shores, 2015. Photo: Gina Clyne Photography.

Ulrich Wulff

Tif Sigfrids / Los Angeles

A recognizable figure or persona, which may or may not stand in for the artist but, regardless, bears on his relationship to the world and…
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Josh Jefferson, Little Blue Tree, 2015.

Josh Jefferson

Gallery 16 / San Francisco

Human beings are genetically programmed to respond positively to the face, no doubt a survival instinct, as babies bond with their nurturing parents. Perhaps not…
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Laura Kimpton, White Bird Self Portrait, 2015.

Laura Kimpton

Zener Schon Gallery / San Francisco

Every year explorers, wanderers and artists gather at “The Playa,” or, as it is more commonly known, Burning Man. They convene in the desert with…
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Dorothy Cross

Dorothy Cross

Frith Street Gallery / LONDON

The Irish artist Dorothy Cross’ explorations of the links between human activity and the natural world often possess great lyricism and poetic insight. Born in…
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John McAllister, Molten Once Shed Such Chiming, 2015, courtesy of Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles



Gazing out of a window or peering into a painting: both imply curiosity, perhaps driven by a sense of longing, for what is beyond. John…
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Jamison Carter, Sol, 2015, courtesy of Klowden Mann, photo by Lee Thompson

Jamison Carter

Klowden Mann / Los Angeles

“A Cold War,” Jamison Carter’s current solo exhibition, and his second with Klowden Mann, revisits dichotomous themes introduced in his 2013 solo exhibition with the…
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Clayton Campbell, Selfie Self Satisfaction Dance Before Dinner, 2015

Clayton Campbell

Coagula Curatorial / Los Angeles

The series of relatively small digital photomontages Clayton Campbell has assembled under the rubric “Wild Kingdom” satirize social habits—on more than just the most evident…
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Candice Lin, Female Penis/Beast of Burden, 2015, courtesy of the artist and Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, image credit: Jeff McLane.

Candice Lin

Francois Ghebaly / Los Angeles

One measure of a contemporary artist’s success is that he or she allows us to view the world, our history, or ourselves differently; Candice Lin…
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Chris Barnard,White Hole, 2015, Courtesy of the artist and Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Chris Barnard

Luis de Jesus /Los Angeles

Contrary to certain art historical narratives, painting has never waned, but only been ever more rigorously interrogated—usually by the artists engaged with the medium. Chris…
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Mark Jenkins, The Bird Watcher, 2015, Photo credit: Theonepointeight Photography

Mark Jenkins

Fabien Castanier Gallery / Los Angeles

John Baldessari once said that art should make you stop and look as you’re crossing through a museum. Mark Jenkins’ sculpture-installations certainly break one’s forward…
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Cynthia Minet, Pack Dogs, 2013, part of the “Unsustainable Creatures” series, Image: Juan Rojas/USC Fisher Museum of Art.

Cynthia Minet

USC Fisher Museum / Los Angeles

he beasts of burden in Cynthia Minet’s conceptually and politically astute project include an elephant, pack dogs and birds of prey (vultures/falcons/raptors). Internally illuminated by…
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Alexandra Grant, I was born to love not to hate (1), 2014, Courtesy of the Artist, Photo credit: Brian Forrest

Alexandra Grant and Steve Roden

Pasadena Museum of California Art

“These Carnations Defy Language” started with Alexandra Grant and Steve Roden’s mutual enchantment with the writings of the French poet and essayist, Francis Ponge. Ponge…
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