Wanda Koop, In Abstentia (Deep Blue - White), 2016, courtesy of the artist and Night Gallery.

Night Gallery:

Wanda Koop

In her first exhibition in Los Angeles, Winnipeg-based artist Wanda Koop investigates the idea of dislocation. This dislocation is reflected in the exhibition title, In Absentia,…
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Serkan Özkaya, “We Will Wait,” installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Postmasters Gallery, New York.

Camera Obscura: Duchamp’s Tortured Nude

Serkan Özkaya at Postmasters / NYC

Who knew that Nude Descending a Staircase landed flat on her back? Who knew, too, that an artist who did so much to bring Cubism…
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Carpe Diem Press section of James hd Brown: Life and Work in Mexico. Collection of USC Libraries. Photo courtesy of Eren Betin (@erenbetin).

USC Fisher Museum:

James hd Brown

USC Fisher Museum’s “James hd Brown: Life and Work in Mexico” is one of the few PST: LA/LA shows devoted to a SoCal-born expatriate. Born…
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The Words of Others: León Ferrari and Rhetoric in Times of War, 2017. Exhibition view at REDCAT. Photo: Taiyo Watanabe.


León Ferrari

In a letter to a fellow Argentine artist living in Paris, León Ferrari wrote, “We produce culture for our ideological enemies, and they gobble everything…
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Cody Norris, It's Only Castles Burning (2017), courtesy of the artist and Bermudez Projects.

Bermudez Projects:

Cody Norris

“Still Remains” is a small but provocative installation of twenty contemporary landscape paintings by Cody Norris in which the artist responds to the epic disfigurations…
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Nicanor Aráoz, Untitled, at proyectosLA. Courtesy of the the artist. Photo by Elizabeth Lippman.


Focus on PST: LA/LA

Along a lonely stretch of Main Street extending from Union Station to the Brewery Arts Complex, largely defined by seafood warehouses and girded by railroad…
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Kajahl, Baroque Classic III (2017), courtesy of the artist and Richard Heller Gallery.

Richard Heller Gallery:


Kajahl’s paintings vivify ancient statues, presenting them as dignified, mysterious multicultural personae. Embodying Western clichés from bygone eras, the characters in his current show titled…
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Joseph Dumbacher and John Dumbacher, "line-of-site," installation view. Courtesy of the artists. Photo: Alan Shaffer.

Santa Monica College:

Joseph Dumbacher and John Dumbacher

In “line-of-site,” Joseph Dumbacher and John Dumbacher have crafted an installation about geometry and perception. It is minimal and simultaneously maximal, suggesting expansive possibilities with limited materials….
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Flora Kao, "Homeland," at Gallery 825. Courtesy of the artist.

Gallery 825:

Flora Kao

Sometimes a drawing is not a drawing. For example, when an artist transcends rendering and goes for something entirely more direct. In the case of…
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Simphiwe Ndzube, The Underwater People (2017), courtesy of the artist and Nicodim Gallery.

Nicodim Gallery:

Simphiwe Ndzube

“Bhabharosi,” the title of Simphiwe Ndzube’s show and several works therein, is a neologism the artist coined from the words “barbarous” and “rose” in isiXhosa,…
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Scott Hove, Beauty Nap (2017), courtesy of the artist and KP Projects. Photo: Elena Kulikova.

KP Projects:

Scott Hove

Known for his immersive cake-like installations, Scott Hove’s latest makings offer wry commentary upon the demise of today’s political, economic, and ecological landscapes in “Last…
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Fran Siegel, Lineage through Landscape: Tracing Egun in Brazil (2015–2017), Suspended Drawing: pencil, pigment, gold leaf, string, and collage on cut drafting film, scrim, cyanotype, sewn and printed fabric. Leaves: porcelain. Length (drawing): 10.97 m. Commissioned by the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Collection of the artist. Photo: Don Cole.

Fowler Museum at UCLA:

Fran Siegel

There are two points of entry into Fran Siegel’s exquisite exhibition, “Lineage Through Landscape: Tracing Egun in Brazil.” One is purely visual: admiring the unique way…
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CAAM Summer Nights and The Institute for Art and Olfaction

CAAM Summer Nights and The Institute for Art and Olfaction

I linked up with my homegirl and creative partner, filmmaker Niki Williams, and we Uber Pool-ed it to CAAM to check out their event “Summer Nights”…
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Peter Lodato, "Recent Works"; Eric Johnson, "Select Works," installation view, courtesy of the artists and William Turner Gallery.

William Turner Gallery:

Peter Lodato and Eric Johnson

We are accustomed to sight as an experience of things coming into clearer focus the longer we look at them. Images seem fuzzy, we stare,…
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“Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan” at Arena 1 Gallery

“Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan” at Arena 1 Gallery

The Double Take

In a former hanger at the Santa Monica Airport, now home to the perfectly stationed Arena 1 Gallery, the question of the evening—Because who doesn’t…
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Timo Fahler, “slow relief,” installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Ibid Gallery, Los Angeles.

Ibid Gallery – Los Angeles:

Timo Fahler

With three distinct exhibition spaces within its massive Boyle Heights gallery, Ibid Gallery has reserved its smallest space, a jewel box of a venue, for…
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