Dion Johnson, Next (2016). Courtesy of the artist.

Duke Gallery at Azusa Pacific University:

Dion Johnson

Dion Johnson’s abstract paintings inhabit hairline margins between technologic and handmade. The ten examples in “Feel the Sky,” Johnson’s decadal retrospective at Azusa Pacific University,…
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Gisela Colon, "New Sculpture." Installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Diane Rosenstein Gallery.

Diane Rosenstein Gallery:

Gisela Colon

In her last show with Rosenstein, Gisela Colon presented her first large free-standing object, a Parabolic Monolith that curved gracefully towards the gallery’s high ceiling…
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Jordie Oetken, Untitled (Teeth), 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Kopeikin Gallery.

Kopeikin Gallery:

Belt Friction

Curated by artist and photographer Arden Surdam, “Belt Friction,” the current group exhibition at Kopeikin Gallery, explores themes about the complexities of touch and categorizations…
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Maria Lynch, Bonecas (2017), video screenshot. Courtesy of the artist and Wilding Cran.

Wilding Cran:

Maria Lynch

A simple reconfiguring of space at Wilding Cran has yielded a tiny, jewelbox of a gallery for small yet impactful exhibitions. Black Over White by…
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The Formaldehyde Trip. Photo: Ben Gibbs

The Formaldehyde Trip at The Broad

Naomi Rincón Gallardo's Sci-Fi Performance

Traversing pre-history, Mesoamerican cosmology, and sexually free interplanetary-futurism, The Formaldehyde Trip, a live performance with video and songs, creates alternate realms for the overlooked casualties…
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"I am no bird..." Installation view. Courtesy of ltd los angeles. Photo: Blake Jacobsen

ltd los angeles:

I am no bird…

Some of us respect what makes people different from one another. By withholding judgment of others, we avoid enveloping them in our own contexts, selfishly…
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Colony 933 by Control Group Productions. Directed by Kate Speer.

Making Widgets Not Revolution

Experimental Theater Mirrors Life

The rendezvous point was a small coffee shop and bar. Along with about 30 other recruits (participants) I was given a lanyard containing a welcome…
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Patrick Parrish at FOG Design + Art

Design Crosses Art: SF Art Fairs

FOG Design + Art; UNTITLED

Sometimes art looks like design, and sometimes design looks like art. It’s hard to know the difference these days as both artists and designers seemingly…
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Georganne Deen, CEO of Goldman Sachs on trial at The Hague in Balmain, 2017 (detail), courtesy of the artist and CB1 Gallery.

CB1 Gallery:

Georganne Deen

Georganne Deen did not become disillusioned by recent geopolitical events—she’s been feeling that way for a long time. It’s just that her newest paintings reflect…
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Jokerman from artist Tony Puryear’s weekend pop-up, "gankstas! Know Your Thug," at Jason Vass in DTLA.

Gankstas, Hipsters, Art Lovers

SoLA, Radiant Space, Jason Vass, and Coagula

From an immersive psychedelic installation to on-trend political art, the first Saturday night gallery openings of the new year were bursting with visual and social…
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Josh Jefferson, Picking a Crown (2017), courtesy of the artist and Zevitas Marcus.

Zevitas Marcus:

Josh Jefferson

Is a collage comprised of assembled painted canvases a collage, a painting, or assemblage art? Does the semantics even matter? “Jabberwocky,” Josh Jefferson’s exhibition at…
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“ONE YEAR: The Art of Politics in Los Angeles.” Installation view, courtesy of Brand Library & Art Center.

Brand Library & Art Center:


Whatever one’s disposition, “ONE YEAR: The Art of Politics in Los Angeles” at Glendale’s Brand Library & Art Center provides fuel for thought and stimulus…
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Ellen Gallagher, Aquajujidsu (2017). Oil, ink and paper on canvas. 188 x 202 cm / 74 x 79 1/2 in. © Ellen Gallagher. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Ernst Moritz

Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles:

Ellen Gallagher

There’s a lot to learn from Ellen Gallagher’s new exhibition. For example, it turns out Herman Melville was an Afrofuturist. And that the Atlantic Ocean…
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Lorna Simpson (American, born 1960). Waterbearer, 1986.
Gelatin silver print with vinyl lettering, 59 × 80 × 2¼ in. (149.9 ×
203.2 × 5.7 cm). Courtesy of Lorna Simpson. © 1986 Lorna


Black Radical Women

Rallying against overwhelmingly white, male perspectives in art history, “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85” at the California African American Museum (CAAM) is…
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Fawn Rogers, I Love You And That Makes Me God (2017). Screen grab. Courtesy the artist.

Empathy Through Technology: Re-examining Vulnerability

Young Projects/Los Angeles

The ​ ​provocation​ ​of​ ​vulnerability​ ​has​ ​long​ ​been​ ​a​ ​mainstay​ ​of​ ​impactful​ ​art.​ ​Video​ ​and​ ​film media,​ ​given​ ​their​ ​reliance​ ​on​ ​the​ ​staging​ ​of​ ​exposure​…
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Miriam Schapiro; Installation view; Courtesy of Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Brian Forrest.

Honor Fraser:

Miriam Schapiro

Admirers of feminist artist Miriam Schapiro’s (1923-2015) work may be surprised to learn that this influential woman who founded the Feminist Art program at CalArts…
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