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    Cover Illustration by Charles Kohlhase

    Living Outside the Body Constraint
    A Report from The 59th International Astronautical Congress

    by Carrie Paterson
    "Less Remote: The Futures of Space Exploration" offered many hypothetical and actual scenarios about the "cultural uses of outer space" over two days of papers, performances, and documented experiments.

    Collective Conscience
    Institute For Figuring And The League Of Imaginary Scientists

    by Carrie Yury
    ALTHOUGH SCIENCE IS CREATED IN THE CONTEXT OF CULTURE, THE sciences are often thought to be apart from, above, or neutral in relation to our sociocultural beliefs and political motivations.

    Data and Surrealism
    George Legrady Alters The Public Face Of Information Science

    by Tulsa Kinney
    TRACKING DOWN GEORGE LEGRADY FOR AN interview can be tricky. A man who juggles art and science for a living has a lot of demands on his time.

    Best in Armory Show
    Highlights 2009

    by Chris Bors
    MUCH of what has been written about contemporary art lately has focused on the decline of the art market due to the economic realities facing the world, and for good reason.
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